Cable Types


Household cable

Twin & Earth or 3 Core and Earth - found in every home and also used in some commercial installations, very common cable type that's easily recycled, time consuming to strip but is easily done, great feed stock for processing with a granulator and makes light work of it.

Singles or Conduit wire

Singles - Usually 7 strands inside is prime feed stock for a hungry granulator, the multi stranded variety known as Tri-rated is a lot harder to strip by hand.


Flex - Flexible Cables

Usually a PVC outer sheaf with individual PVC coated inner cores. Fine strands make up each core allowing for the cable to bend, but a nightmare to strip by hand, best left for a granulator.

Computer Cables

Computer cables - fine cores usually have a screen foil. harder to process and take more effort but can be done, to process these you need either a turbo or pulverizer, the size of mesh on the granulator is smaller, to produce finer granules and improve separation.


Data Cables

Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables, easier than some data cable to process but low percentage of copper content makes them low value but still worth recycling.


Cable Attachments

Components removed from cables, these will be processed further some on-site and some at another waste treatment centre.


Bright - this has been stripped by hand and is a mix of N0.2 best to separate the dull from the bright to gain extra value or it could be worth less at the weigh in!



Clove -this is the name given to high purity granulated copper and what we produce from the cables we recycle, this is sold in large volumes back to cable manufacturers or smelters.